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    Date fields to populate other fields




      I have a form where a client is required to enter a Departure Time in a field and Departure Date in a field.


      Also required is a Return time and Date in seperate fields.


      I have this set up, but i have another section that is meant to auto populate when these dates are selected.


      So if departure date is entered as 31/05/2013 and Return Date is entered as 06/06/2013 i need a table to populate with the all of the dates from depart ro return.


      1st Section

      Depart date field 31/05/2013

      Return date field 06/06/2013


      2nd Section

      date field - 31/05/2013

      date field - 01/06/2013

      date field - 02/06/2013

      date field - 03/06/2013

      date field - 04/06/2013

      date field - 05/06/2013

      date field - 06/06/2013