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    rotation big compositions and on of them with video.


      (sorry for my bad english )

      Hello guys i have a composition of video using this code in the first frame triger:


      // sym.$("name") resolves an Edge Animate element name to a DOM

      // element that can be used with jQuery

      var video = sym.$("myVideo");

      $(video).html('<video poster="assets/poster.jpg" autoplay="autoplay" controls><source src="assets/videotest.mp4" type="video/mp4"></source>  </video>');



      and it works ok alone, but i need rotate multiples compositions including this video comp. and the only code i founded is on this web :


      http://blogs.adobe.com/edge/2012/05/15/bootstrapping-edge-compositions/  it works but not for when i use my video composition ,


      it only rotate between the first and second composition but not the third (is the video comp ) , i notice i only can hear the music of the video but no the video, and in the inspector i noticed it begin to load the 3 compositions at the same time , including the video, my animations are very big , is any way to load one at the time? and how i can fix the video comp for rotate with the others compositions?


      Thanks any light and sorry for my bad redaction and bad english .