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    The problem on ActiveX control


      Hi all,

      I have problem... This problem is..


      When I tried to clean up the applications that are not so important, then I accidentally uninstall Adobe Flash ActiveX (as I recall it was indeed so its application name).

      Ago moment afternoon The next, when I played a game who wears flashplayer, then I not could open the apps-application such games. I mean the game is a game that manifold SWF & FLV Player, but it is not an online game, not a game that uses the internet.
      Every time I open the game app, it always comes up dialog:
      "Unfortunately, Adobe Flash Player ActiveX is not installed in your system. SWF & FLV Player requires this ActiveX control for proper working. Please, visit www.adobe.com and install the Flash Player ActiveX control."

      I already have the application was I download from 

      I already have the application SWF & FLV Player is already installed.

      Can someone help me?