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    Extreme Frustration with Blurry Text Export in CS6

    Mashup_Man Level 1

      Two related problems that are extremely frustrating. I'm hoping someone who has grappled with this issue in the past, will take pity on my wretched soul and help me out.


      1) So I have this Premiere Pro CS6 project with a dynamically linked After Effects composition that contains a 3D Text title.


      The preview of the composition looks perfect within Premiere Pro (and obviously, After Effects). Nice and crisp.




      When I try to a) render the sequence preview or b) export the sequence in Premiere Pro -- I can't get the text to display crisply. It's all blurry. I've tried all of the different encoders and only one of them works. The problem is that the only export setting that works creates a monster file (and a bit rate of 500,000+Kbps -- 100 times what the original video quality was):


      - Format: AVI

      - Video Codec: None

      - Depth: 24 Bit


      All of the other export settings are the same as the original media (except that the original media is quicktime format -- .mov). I've also made sure that the composition settings are correct for the media (by having dragged the media to the new composition window). I'm also not sampling up or down. It's 1280 x 720.


      2) Here's the real brain scratcher, if I don't export using this very high 24 bit depth, or if I use another encoder, I get really crappy video -- beyond just the 3D text. This blows my mind, because the original footage (is only rendered at 5,000 Kbps) yet looks pristine.


      I've attached a couple of images to show what I'm talking about. Anyone have any ideas?




      I understand that I can expect some degradation, but come on, this is ridiculous. I've seen 3D text at 480p look better than this. What am I missing? If I were getting paid for this assignment, I'd either be fired or have to commit ritual seppuku for my shame and dishonor.