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    SiteCatalyst ClickMap doen't work under FireFox


      Hi there,


      I have configured SiteCatalist tracking on my website (cq5.5). It successfully sends data under google chrome. But under firefox it does not send ClickMap parameters (oid, ot, pid, pidt).


      I tried the same things on new cq5 instance in Geometrixx to exclude possibility that I did mistake in my code - situation the same. Under chrome works perfect, but under firefox no ClickMap parameters are sent.


      The only thing done on new instance is:

      1) created sitecatalyst configuration

      2) created framework

      3) configured geometrixx home page to use framework above


      In chrome after clicking on any geometrixx link after loading target page corresponding clickmap data is sent, but not in firefox.


      Could you please explain why and how to fix it?