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    Audio problems with Premiere Cs6 - XF300 footage


      Hi everyone,


      I have a huge project that uses 81 hours of footage.


      I am unfortunately relying on a Drobo (Don't get me started) using Firewire 800 to playback and edit.


      However, when I import XF300 footage from the Premiere media browser into the timeline, occasionally the audio will be "shortened" - as in only certain portions will remain, and the entire waveform is only half that of the size of the video component of the clip, and the audio will be completely out of sync. It happens sporadically, and sometimes, it will happen at random to clips I have already successfully imported. It's driving me nuts.


      Anyone have ANY idea what is going on here? I know that MXF file formats don't play well with CS6, but surely we can get things smoother?





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          jesseperez@gmail.com Level 1

          Also, it seems to happen when clips are being 'confirmed' in Cs6.

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            Richard M Knight Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            I've also got a Drobo (I've had problems too!) I don't think it is fast enough for anything other than backups.

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              When you import clips, you have to wait for the conforming, indexing and peak file creation have completed before you do anything else. With 81 hours of source material that will be a long time...


              If you don't wait sufficiently long, you can run into these king of problems. Creation of peak files is the last step in the import process, so when you say the waveform is not complete, it is indicative of not having waited long enough for that process to finish.


              Not to get you started, but with clips with a data rate of 50 Mbps, and such a huge amount of source material, that Drobo with a very slow Firewire 800 connection will be killing you.



              Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all its pupils..


              I have never had any problem with MXF material with CS6, but then I have never tried it with so much material. And another major difference is that your Drobo may achieve a sustained transfer rate of 40 - 50 MB/s where my system achieves around 3500 MB/s.


              I only see one solution for such a massive project and that is a massive, very fast raid array. Drobo is nice for backups, nothing else.

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                jesseperez@gmail.com Level 1

                Thanks for your answers.


                I am also having the same problem with C300 footage.


                One thing I should reveal too is that I am importing each file individually as I need them from the media browser. This could be the problem, but really, I shouldn't have to import everything I have shot, I should be able to preview it in the media browser to choose if i want to import it. If adobe allows me to pull stuff straight in from the media browser into the timeline, I should not have to worry about "running into these kinds of problems" - crossing my fingers to see if it will work or not.


                Sometimes, ill import a file once, it will conform, and it will be fine. Then, sometimes, the conformation process will happens over and over and over again for the same file. Sometimes, the conformation process keeps the file intact, other times it will do the same problem ('Slicing' the audio, and leaving only half of the audio intact). It's driving me insane. I am beginning to see that this kind of problem is happening to other users. And i'm beginning to think this could be a bug - From what i'm reading It seems premiere CS6 does not not like Mac and it does not like XMF file format. So combining the three is creating a disaster.


                I am actually switching over to PC to see if this helps, so I can get a big raid array and see if this will help me. Thank the lord my company has the resources to do this. I would hate to imagine what would happen if it was just me.


                Also, i've jumped over from Final Cut X because it was a pile of rubbish. Hoping CS6 would be the answer to all my problems. It hasn't been. It's almost like companies don't want media professionals to do their jobs easily!


                Rant over

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                  jesseperez@gmail.com Level 1

                  Installing the latest version has fixed this! So happy!!!