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    problems recording from DV camcorder using firewire

    foxdown88 Level 1

      I recently bought an ADVC 55 from Grass Valley to capture Hi 8 analogue cassettes. There is a firewire connection and when I choose Add Media in PE11, then DV camcorder with firewire , i get a perfect picture of the source video in the monitor screen.

      I press the red button to record. I have successfully captured about six cassettes over the last few days.

      Yesterday however when I press the record button it refuses to record. I get an error message saying ' recorder captured no frames'. If I persist I sometimes manage to record a few seconds. Sometimes the timer keeps rolling but with nothing being recorded as far as I know.

      This happens with cassettes that I have previously successfully captured. I am still getting a perfect picture of the source in the monitor window.

      Can anyone think what I am doing wrong? Thanks