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    Indesign Server CS6 errors

    albanx Level 1


      We use indesign server cs6 highly for background processing, but we got often too much problems (bugs) and did not know where to find support, we are going crazy.



      1) We get this error when opening and exporting to jpg and xml some indesign files. THIS HAPPENS on EXPORT JPG of indesign. Code:

      app.consoleout("INIT JPG");

      theDocument.exportFile(ExportFormat.JPG, new File(jpg_out) );

      app.consoleout("FINISH JPG");:

      unknown encoding ##UTF-8: using iso88591 as fallbackcs61.jpg


      2) When inserting text into some stylerange that contains newlines , randomly, not always, the style of the style range is loosed and do not know why. example of code:

      text = text.replace(/{br}/g, "\r");

      text = text.replace(/{br_special}/g, "\n");

      style_range.contents = text;//LOOSE styleeess??!


      Please can anyone help or give any suggestions?