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    indesign **** server errorrrr cs6


      Hi guys of adobe I have really big problems with indesign server payed more 35'000 EUROOOOOO, and it is full of bugs, full full full of bugs and 00000 support.


      My first messagge is here http://forums.adobe.com/message/5345697#5345697


      Please find a solution I have enough finding workarounds and I am going crazy.



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          John Hawkinson Level 5

          1) We get this error when opening and exporting to jpg and xml some indesign files. THIS HAPPENS on EXPORT JPG of indesign. Code:

          app.consoleout("INIT JPG");

          theDocument.exportFile(ExportFormat.JPG, new File(jpg_out) );

          app.consoleout("FINISH JPG");:

          unknown encoding ##UTF-8: using iso88591 as fallback

          Can you reproduce it in InDesign Desktop?

          Do you have a reliable test case?


          Surely you have a support arrangement with Adobe, right? (If you bought InDesign Server, buying some developer tech support incidents shouldn't be cost-prohibative.)


          2) When inserting text into some stylerange that contains newlines , randomly, not always, the style of the style range is loosed and do not know why. example of code:

          text = text.replace(/{br}/g, "\r");

          text = text.replace(/{br_special}/g, "\n");

          style_range.contents = text;//LOOSE styleeess??!

          Well, if you change the size of a text run, InDesign may have a different idea that you do about what should happen to the text runs inside the style range.


          Does your problem happen consistently for a given input text? What is that input text? A little more detail would help.


          Again, does this happen in InDesign Desktop?

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            albanx Level 1


            thank you very much for this answer, I was not hopping on getting it.


            Both problems are not reproducable on indesign desktop . FOr example If I replace the text of the stylerange from desktop all works fine (with all replace find methods).

            The reason why  I am doing this: style_range.contents = text;//LOOSE styleeess??! is because "text" is just simple text (no style) and I need to put it in the style_range in that way because I need to preserve style_range style.


            One more question: Is there anyway to contact developer tech support, or how to buy some support or any way else? I have not found any place exept this forum