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    how to create html linked form


      How can I create HTML linked form, using the drop down menu

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          Lucia Lao Employee Moderator


          FormsCentral does not support hyperlink in the choices of a drop down field.  If you like users to select a choice in your drop down and then go to html linked form/page/site you could try to use formatted text fields with a hyperlink there and then use skip logic rules to show the corresponding formatted text field.


          Say you have a drop down field with choice1, choice2, choice3. Below this, you would create three formatted text fields, one for choice1, one for choice2, and one for choice3:

          - In the formatted text you would insert a hyperlink via the menu Insert / Link.  Set Link Text: some text with reference to your html-linked-form1 and the URL will be url of your html-linked-form1. You would do the same with formatted text field 2 and formatted text field 3.


          - Then you would use skip logic rule  to show formatted text field 1 when user selects choice1 or formatted text field 2 when user selects choice 2...(select a formatted text field, check skip logic rules checkbox on the right panel, you should be able to go from here to add your conditions.)



          Hope this helps,