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    Recieve 0x8002801C error when manually registering Flash OCX


      There is a computer in the office that constantly has issues installing Flash Player. The latest version (11,7,xxxxx) seems to be having some really difficult issues.


      The basic background that I have on this machine is that it was purchased with Windows 7 Home Premium and upgraded to Windows 7 Pro (64-bit). There seems to always be some kind of odd permissions issues - the main user of the machine is in the administrators group and all IT work is done within the local administrator account, however with certain things the IT department constantly receives issues about permissions.


      I have uninstalled Flash, cleaned the registry of unnecessary files, ran the reset_fp11.bat with the SubInAcl.exe. I have also checked numerous registry keys (information obtained from different forums) and all permissions were either (A) not set or (B) set to not allow administrator access.


      I have also used Microsoft's Process Monitor (ProcMon) to see if I can come up with any answers there...but all that I can tell is that the file c:\windows\system32\tzres.dll is "locked".


      At this point when I run the CMD shell as administrator and attempt to manually register the OCX, I receive the error code 0x8002801C.


      I have approached MS Forums with this and no one seems to be able to help...since this does this with every Flash update - I wanted to pose this issue to Adobe as well.


      Any ideas???

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          Nikki_8982 Level 1

          I figured out the work-around! Install Firefox, load Adobe Flash through Firefox and BOOM! Internet Explorer works fine with the new version of Adobe Flash. This is necessary because the end user refused to switch to Firefox and only wanted IE because that is what this person was used to.


          Otherwise, I'd be telling ever end user that they have to stick with Firefox.


          Firefox does not require Active X registration, so while it didn't cure the exact issue (bummer!) it did create a useable interface for my end user.