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    Limiting or Restricting a Signature Field to a Specific User


      Hello all,


      I am relatively new at using LiveCycle and am running ES 8.2 and Acrobat Pro 9.0.  I have a 2-part question:


      (1) Is there a way to restric a signature field to a specific user? I have created a form with a few signature fields. The first signature field is a "Submitter" (this field would be available to anyone who uses the form).  The second signature field is meant for an "Approver" (specific person), and the third signature field is for a "Co-Approver" (specific person).


      (2) Can an event be triggered after the respective user has digitally signed the form? (e.g. After the Submitter signs it, an email is generated to the Approver.)


      Many thanks in advance for the assistance.