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    "Place" greyed out

    Mardi Carter

      When I want to "place" an image from Bridge to Photoshop, the menu command is greyed out.  I can do it from the Mini Bridge, but that is not always the most convenient way.  How can I get the functionality of the menu command back?  Thanks.

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          Omke Oudeman Level 5

          When I want to "place" an image from Bridge to Photoshop, the menu command is greyed out.



          Do you have Photoshop in the menu Tools (at the bottom) and can you see the commands in there?


          Check if you have the start up script selected or if it is there at all. (Bridge Preferences Start Up script).


          If deselected select it again, otherwise restart Bridge holding down option key (control for windows) while restarting Bridge and choose reset preferences.

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            mrralphsanders Level 1

            I'm also having this issue and reset prefs DID NOT work for me. "Place" command is grayed-out. Bridge x64; Win 7

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              I had the same problem and I finally I found that I had "Edit in quick mask mode" activated. You just need to uncheck this option in the menu "Select".Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 19.27.00.png

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                I had this problem today with CS6. For me, also missing were the Photoshop and other options normally at the bottom of the tools menu. It seems that I had foolishly disabled my startup scripts in the edit>preferences menu. Reinstating these scripts (i.e putting a tick next to the boxes in the menu), followed by a reboot of my computer fixed the problem for me. Hope this helps someone else.