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    Audio error when importing files


      Okay, here's the scenario:


      Recorded a 25 minute MP4 file on a Canon Vixia HFR40.  The video was recorded in standard HD at 1080p at 29.97fps.


      Copied the file to a folder, and then imported that file into the file bin in Premiere Pro 5.5.  At 6:12 in the video, the audio suddenly cuts out and starts from the beginning, while the video continues without and issue, leaving audio and video out of sync.


      I've played the original MP4 file in VLC and the audio is just fine.


      I've cleared the media cache, I've tried several different project settings from DV-NTSC, AVCHD (1080p), etc. and the audio continues to skip back to beginning each time it hits the 6:12 mark.


      I'm currently using Adobe Media Encoder to reencode the video file into H.264 format.


      Does anyone have any other suggestions, recommedations?

      Has anyone else ever encountered this problem before?

      Is this an issue common to Canon Vixia cameras?


      Thanks in advance!