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    Green bar on video when exporting to PDF



      I am building an interacative PDF in InDesign, and linking videos from URLs. I edited the video in PremierePro, and exported to H.264 format with "Apple TV, iPad, iPhone 3G and newer - 360p Widescreen 23.976" preset.


      The video looks good on my desktop. I then Place From URL in InDesign and it looks good in InDesign SWF Preview window. However, when I export, there is a circular discoloration in the middle of the video and a thick green horizontal bar at the bottom of the screen.


      Images are attached of my PremierePro export settings and green bar/discoloration. Any thoughts on what I can do to fix this?

      (Note: I tried embedding video directly, instead of link, and that does not solve it).


      Thank you very much for any tips!

      Laura Takach