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    Transfer form to my paid account


      I created a form at work and wasn't aware that I needed to sign up for the free FormsCentral account through my Adobe ID so I signed in with my work email. How do I transfer this form to my paid FormsCentral account??

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          JennPWisco81 Level 1

          I figured it out. I made myself a co-author from the free subscription, logged into my paid subscription (and saw that being made co-author of a form uses up one of your alotted monthly form creations???....ridiculous).....duplicated the form I made myself co-author of (which used up another alotted form creation...so now I'm down from 5 alotted forms to 3 forms) making me author of the copy.

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            Brian Havlin Adobe Employee



            Yes, that's the recommended approach to transferring a form between accounts. Having a form shared with you, in any role, should not count against your quota. In the screenshot below, you can see a user with 2 forms, only one was authored by the user. The quota message at the bottom of the dashboard shows that only one of the 5-form quota has been used.


            What do you see on your system that suggests the shared form is counting toward your quota?