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    Coldfusion Ajax Forum

      Hi, I'm building a simple coldfusion-ajax forum. It works quite fine but I have a problem.
      Since when someone click on a link of a post I do something like this:

      <a href="void(NULL)" onclick="ajax_open_post_in_a_div_on_the_same_page">

      Using this solution the link of the post will never be set as "visited".

      So, I would like to find an alternate solution to set VISITED or READ posts already read.

      Actually I tried to use cookies:

      I set a coookie in which I insert all post visited's IDs. But I have the limitation of 4 kb.

      Other options are:

      1) To create a database table in which I put all post read from each user.
      2) To create a txt file for each user in which put all post read.

      Are there smarter solutions for you? Or less stupid ... :-) ... ? I'm not a great programmer, unfortunely ...