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    premiere 11 launch issues


      Downloaded premiere elements 11 trial...seemed to install fine but no way to launch program?

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          Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

          Moving this discussion to the Premiere Elements forum.


          TommyK1956 which operating system are you using?  Do you receive any particular error messages?

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            the_wine_snob Level 9



            Welcome to the forum.


            First, can you give us the details of your computer, and your OS? The more detail, the better.


            Next, one of the main causes for a failure of PrE to launch, is an outdated video driver.


            Can you give us the make and model of your video card?


            Then, can you tell us what the installed number and date, of the video driver are?


            Is that the latest version from nVidia, or AMD/ATI?


            Thank you for that information and good luck,



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              TommyK1956 Level 1

              Thanks Bill and Jeff for your quick response. I have quad core i5 lenovo computer....running windows 8....downloaded and installed premiere elements 11...seemed to install fine but no launch icon or other apparent way to start program...no error messages. video graphics are integrated. 8G memory....all drivers are up to date..computer is 2 months old. I'm beginning to suspect even though my system meets software requirements that after all I may need to purchase and install a dedicated graphics card. This would be my 3rd trial ware install..so far all have had numerous buggy issues. stalls, hangs. unresponsive to burn. etc...appreciate any suggestions on how to proceed ....thanks again for the help...TK

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                video graphics are integrated



                I take this to mean that you have an embedded Intel graphics display chip. Is that correct? I would check with Control Panel>System>Hardware>Device Manager (the exact syntax might have changed with Win8), to verify exactly which embedded graphics chip IS installed. From there, you can also get the installed driver number and date. I have had several laptops, that had nVidia chips embedded in the MoBo.


                If you do have Intel, my first stop would be to the Intel Web site, where I would plug in the exact chip, say Intel HD 4000, or whatever chipset you have, and then Win8, to check for an updated driver. If your embedded chip is nVidia, or AMD/ATI, then THAT would be the Web site to check.


                Since you have a Lenovo, their Web site would be the next stop, to check for a newer video driver. Many major companies, such as Lenovo, Dell, HP, Toshiba and some others, will re-wrap the the video drivers, to perform best with their hardware and their version of Windows. Some of those companies are better than others, when it comes to releasing new drivers.


                As for the launch icon, were you on Windows, before Win8, I would suggest going to the Start button, then All Programs, and locate PrE, to attempt to launch it from there. One could also use Windows Explorer, to navigate to the Adobe folder, with PrE 11 in it, then Dbl-click on the EXE file. With Win8, so much has changed, that I do not know the exact steps to take, to launch the program, without a Desktop icon. If things to work, and you can launch PrE, you should then be able to just create a Shortcut on the Desktop, unless MS has removed that feature. I know that they tried to create a Desktop, that looks like a smartphone, but I think that some of the "classic" functions are still available, albeit hidden from view. Maybe a Win8 user can give you assistance in this area?


                Good luck, and please let us know how you progress.



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                  John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  >Maybe a Win8 user can give you assistance


                  I am "sort of" a Win8 user, since that is what is on the computer I built for my wife last November... and she is a "pure" user in that she has NO idea how to install software, so I do that for her


                  The USUAL case when installing "standard" software is that it will put an icon on the new Win8 start screen... which then activates desktop mode when the icon is clicked to run the program (this is different than the "new" APP style software that comes with Win8, or which may be installed from the Win8 app store, and which runs in an app only program space)


                  If the install did not put an icon on the start screen for some reason, click the DESKTOP icon on the start screen to go to the "old style" desktop... and there SHOULD be an icon on the desktop


                  If there is still no icon, do as Hunt said (in Win8 it is now called File Explorer, not Windows Explorer) to see if you can find, and run, the program exe


                  If that works, right click anywere in the desktop and select the option to create an icon... navigating to the EXE file you found/ran just above... to create an icon


                  If none of that works... your install did not work

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    John T.,


                    Thank you for that information. Hope that the OP can locate the PrE program icon.