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    Flex Navigator Filters Missing

    impressress Level 1
      I've just loaded a fresh Flex Builder 3 beta 2 plug-in into a brand new Eclipse 3.3.1 classic install on Windows Vista Business. After installation, the properties files (.settings/, .actionScriptProperties, etc) are showing up by default in the "Flex Navigator" view. Ordinarily, I would just go to the "Filters..." option in the drop down menu to fix this, but when I do so the filter list is completely empty and there's no way to add new filters within the window (or anywhere in preferences that I could find). For kicks I also tried doing the same on the standard "Navigator" view but ended with the same results.

      I also have a previous Flex Builder 3 beta 1 installed into Eclipse 3.3 classic that works just fine (presenting the "*.class" and ".*" options). It could just be a difference between Eclipse 3.3 and the 3.3.1 update (I don't know the details of the minor update) or beta 1 to beta 2. If I can hunt down my old Eclipse 3.3 zip I can test out the difference. Until then, has anyone else experienced this and happened to discover any quick solutions (i.e. editing plugin.xml configurations, etc)?