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    loading exe file using loadMovieNum

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      I have converted SWF into EXE using SWF Studio 2.2 to be able to run flash
      without havinf a FLASH player installed.
      It works fine except one feature. On clicking a picture it is supposed to
      load another movie using loadMovieNum()
      That other movie is too converted to EXE and loadMovieNum is called as
      loadMovieNum(another_movie.exe,0) which loads nothing though
      another_movie.exe is in the same folder as another_movie.swf which loads
      fine. I indicated the absolute path to another_movie.exe like
      "c:/folder1/folder2/another_movie.exe" - no joy.
      Does this mean that loadMovieNum loads SWF only and cannot be used to load
      EXE. If this is the case, how do I get round this?