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    Layout adjustment after page shuffle


      I am creating a document in which the design of the content on my spread is the same on both the left and right side. Right now I have most of the content that will be going into my document and a general idea of the layout but not a finalized design. I wanted to get a head start on flowing in the content and then make the final design tweaks once the design has been fully approved. However I am running into a problem when I need to add additional content that requires a new page that wasn't accounted for.


      I created a master page that is a spread with the same empty text box in the same position on both pages. The only difference between the two pages of the master spread is the alignment of the page number down the bottom. This master page is applied to many pages in which I have been adding the content into the empty text frame brought in from the master. I can move the original text frame in the master page and it moves the text frames that I released to add in the content just fine. However once I add another page it breaks the ability for me to make adjustments to the text frames on any pages that were shuffled by the addition of a new page. For example if a page on the left was then moved to the right of the spread because I had to add a new page I can no longer control the position of the text frame from the master.


      Any advice on how to set up my master pages so that I can add pages when needed and still have the ability to reposition the text frames through the master spread?



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          There are a couple of things you can do, if you go into your Pages section and right click you can enable and disable "All document pages to shuffle", and "Allow selected spread to shuffle".


          Also, for your master page, do you have a master page for a left side and a right side? You can click and drag the master page icon from within the Pages window and drop it onto any of your pages and it will assign that master page layout to that page. So essentially you could create new master pages for your layouts and individually assign them that way as well.


          Not sure if that helps you or not. I usually don't place text boxes in my master pages, I just have it preset with margins/columns and guides and then I lay down the content as I go along. I usually only use master pages for top, bottom, side, and other consistencies throughout the document. Maybe I'm backwards but I like the flexibility.

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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            Are the text frames snapped to the margin guides? If not, change the guides on the master page so they are, then enable layout adjustment before adding additional pages and you should be OK.

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              Scott Citron Adobe Community Professional

              I agree with Peter Spier. When text frames snap to margin or column guides, their position will shift when layout adjustment is enabled (Layout > Margins and Columns). I also agree with whitworth916, who suggested not placing text frames on master pages, as doing so tends to create more problems when changes need to be made.