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      Is there a way to have more than one submit button in the pdf version of the form/

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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee

          Sure - you can.  If you want to tell me/us more about your intention I can give better guidance, but basically the answer is yes.  Did you want to add Submit buttons that do different actions?  Or were you looking to have the same Submit button we add that submits the data back to FormsCentral reproduced on each page?


          You do want to be careful editing FormsCentral PDF Forms, you can break the submit of the form by adding/changing fields, but simply adding a button like "Submit", "Print", or "Clear Form" (some of the more common requests) would not break the submit to FormsCentral.  It is always a best practice to test your PDF a few times after editing to ensure it will still Sumbit.


          Let me know what it is you want to do in more detail and I'll give you more detailed instructions on how to Save a Copy so you can edit the form, how to add a button, and then how to Reader Enable the PDF once you are finished (the "Save a Copy" removed the Reader Enabled settings we set in the PDF).



          Josh Corey

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            williamsdjo Level 1

            Thanks Corey! My intention is to be able to replicate/reproduce the Submit button on the pdf version and have it submitted back to FormsCentral. I'd like the user to be able to submit the form if they answer "no" to a specific question (rather than having to scroll through all other questions that may not be relevant to them) and having to go all the way to the bottom of the page. Thanks!

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              Josh_Corey Adobe Employee

              Sounds good - you might want to take a look at this Forum thread from a user with a similar request.  Genevieve gave answers both on how to do this in PDF, and how to set up Skip/Page logic in the HTML version of the form:  http://forums.adobe.com/message/5329946#5329946




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                What about a way to add Submit buttons that do different actions?


                I would like the same form to be used for two steps of a process: the first in which the staff member fills out a request form and 'submit's the form to notify his/her manager, and the other button which sends the form to an external committee inbox upon approval.


                Perhaps this could be done through receipts instead (going to the manager rather than the submitter, with instructions to communicate an approval to the external committee via email), since we the external committee have access to all subsmissions anyway.... but the ability to have two submit buttons that clearly send the form (or customized read receipts) to two different inboxes would seem preferable.


                Thanks for any help,


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                  Josh_Corey Adobe Employee

                  For a FormsCentral HTML/web form in a paid account you can configure both "Reciepts" (which go to an email address field in the form defined on the Reciepts tab of options) and "Notifications" which can go to multiple users so long as they have a verified AdobeID.  This way the notification including the form data could be sent to multiple people.


                  For a PDF you can always edit and add additional submit buttons to the form that would send the PDF or FDF (form data format) to a specified email address, users could be instructed to click both buttons, one would send via email and the FormsCentral Submit button would send the data to FormsCentral to be available in your account.


                  You might also be interested in the "Publish Responses" feature that allows you to publish the Response Table and/or Summary Report that anyone with the URL can access, this URL could be given to the various departments that require the data.


                  I hope some of this is useful, let me know if I did not properly understand your workflow.




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