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    removing background from picture

    nmsi1975 Level 1

      Hi I m automodeliste and I need create my own decals .My question is how can I remove the background from the picture of the real car staying only whith the text that I want.

      I'm using the photoshop cs6.


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          soverien41 Level 1

          If I am understanding your question correctly you can just use the quick selection tool in the tool bar on the left side of the screen towards the top. Zoom into the image if you have to, then simply click on the image until it is highlighted by a doted line to the desired amount of image you want. Then you can do whatever you want with it. Or for a little more advanced user you can use the pen tool by point and click. Going around the image and just connecting the dots as you go. With the image completely selected by making it aroung to where you started you can then do whatever else you want. With a little practice you can even use the pen tool to make custom curves and make font follow those curves this is a very cool feature I use a lot doing vinyl decals myself. Hope this was helpful.