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    interaction AS3 and perl

      I"m trying to save an XML file onto the server from my flash document (hosted on a web page).
      From reading various posts it seems that I will have to output to Perl. I'm familiar with perl but have never used it on a website.
      The action script cookbook says that I should use URLLoader.load but their example seems to be a coldusion file.
      Is there anywhere that I can get information about how to combine the two - can I just have the perl script in the same directory.
      If anyone have a basic example of the actions script needed to call a perl script and a basic perl script and let me know where they should go - I would be eternally grateful :)
      Alternatively if I shouldn't be using perl a steer in the right direction would be great!
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          perl scripts (always, as far a i know) have to be in a cgi-bin directory. you'll need to know the path to perl on your server and use that in your script. that should look something like:


          like all server-side scripts, change permissions/attributes so everyone can read and execute your script. and like all server-side scripts use the URLLoader class to execute the script.