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    Joining AVCHD clips into a simple MPEG output file


      I'm using PE 10 and just tried joining AVCHD 5 clips using the Instant Movie sequence. I saved it as a file for use on a computer. It took nearly an hour to render the file and when it was done, I emded up with an F4V file which requires conversion to something else to view it  or to be able to email the file to others and have them view the movie.   Is there any way in PE to create a simple MPEG or AVI output file?


      I don't want to create fancy Projects, just want to be able to merge a sequence of files so anyone with a simple PC or Apple computer can watch the home videos.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          The Flash choice was probably the default for Share in PrE 10. When you choose Share to Computer, you have several options, BUT some appear farther down the list, and the scroll bar is not all that obvious. Look to the far-right of the Share Panel, and scroll. Then, you will see MPEG, AVI and other options. Choose the one that you want, and adjust it, as needed.


          Good luck,



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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            From what you wrote it looks like you stopped at Adobe Flash Video at the top of the list for Share/Computer in your Premiere Elements 10.


            Have you scrolled down that list to see categories for MPEG, AVCHD, AVI, Windows Media, QuickTime? For each of those choices, the presets should have Advanced Button and Video and Audio Tab for further export settings.


            For your consideration...

            Share/Computer/AVCHD and MP4 H.264 1920 x 1080p 30 or 25 depending on whether you are NTSC or PAL. That will give you an AVCHD.mp4 file

            Share/Computer/QuickTime with presets = NTSC or PAL DV 16:9 and the customizing your settings to a H.264 video codec and appropriate frame size, frame rate, etc. That will give you a H.264.mov file

            Lots of possibilities.


            Do you want to maintain the HD aspects (1920 x 1080) aspects of your project in the export or do you want to go SD widescreen 720 x 480 (NTSC) or 720 x 576 (PAL) each with a 16:9 flag to scretch the video for widescreen display after encoding.


            If you supply a bit more detail, we can suggest some settings for any of the routes that are interest. Note that the choices all come with little Adobe notes, such as recommended for playback on this or that.


            We will be watching for your follow up.





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              Fred39OB Level 1

              Thanks to you both for the hint on scrolling down the list, however, I think the only ones I'm interested in were already visible in the scroll box. Part of the problem is that I'm not sure what I want from a technical spec angle, all I want to do is take the MP4 original files from the camera and create A FILE that will run easily on most computers, whatever format that needs to be. (?)


              Anyway, I built another project (didn't do the Instant Movie this time) and output it as an MP4. (The input is from a Sony A55 SLT that they say is NTSC AVCHD and the files coming out have an MP4 extension).  The project MP4 wouldn't run as a video in Windows Media only as an audio source. ???  So I used a converter to change the file to an AVI becuase I've been able to run that type before. Not this time..  Nothing I have on my computer will run this file. So I got the latest version of Windows Media and now the original MP4 output does run, but with some problems. First, the tile page still says YOUR TITLE GOES HERE because I was never able to figure out how to edit the title banner. Then about 30 seconds into the video (approx. 4 minute video) it paused on it's own. When I click right next to the cursor, it starts up again and then in 20 or 30 seconds it goes into high speed until I again click on the timeline. It also replicated my last clip (7th) as the 3rd clip. Very confusing!


              I should also mention that I also saved another copy as an AVI file and that output wouldn't do anything.


              And even before all this happened, I was dismayed to see that even when I selected DO NOT RENDER before starting the SAVE, as soon as I clicked on SAVE, it started rendering and it took over 2 hours to render and save this 4 minute film.  Ridiculous !!! 


              A few years ago I used an app where I was able to merge files, add transitions individually, including my own title sheet, and then save it to the DVD format with far less complication than this. It might have been an app tailored toDVD output and therefore been simpler.



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                the_wine_snob Level 9



                Will your MP4 not play in Apple's QuickTime Player?


                Have you tried playing it in either VLC Player, or MediaPlayer Classic HC (both free)?


                As for the "Title Goes Here," perhaps this thread on Titles will be useful: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1219313?tstart=0


                Good luck,