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    NEF (Raw) images


      All of a sudden my PSE 9 will not recognize NEF (Nikon Raw) images for work.  Anyone have a clue why this is happening?


      Always worked before.



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          Barbara B. Level 7

          Are these from the same camera?

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            Lauren51740 Level 1

            Thanks for this - and an excellent question as it turns out.


            Spent time with Nikon and finally found someone in Adove after bouncing all over and on hold a lot.


            My issue was complicated as I did not have an issue with the computers at home but we now have the laptop up and going in the RV.  Last time I used the laptop with this camera doing RAW was in January.  But I went from a Nikon 5000 to 5100 in the meantime.  And the laptop was sleeping soundly in it's case this whole time. 


            So, not updated computer and new camera that was not in it.


            Downloaded two updates and doing just fine.


            But your point was right on the money and I thank yoiu much for responding.