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    can't create a DVD


      I am using premiere elements and created a film.   I burned a DVD and all was fine.   Now I added pictures and some music to the film and when I try to burn a DVD I get the indexing window and nothing happens -- even waiting for an hour.   So, what can I do to create a DVD or determine what is wrong?  

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          What version of Premiere Elements are you using and on what computer operating system?


          What is your Premiere Elements project preset (new project dialog) and what are the properties of your source media on the Timeline being burn to disc. Is the intent NTSC or PAL and Standard or Widescreen? What are the pixel dimensions of those pictures that you have added? Does the addition of the pictures and music to the original Timeline represent a large increase in content or just a minor adjustment? What are the properties of the music that you added?


          In the burn dialog  just before you hit Burn, what does the Quality Area say there for Space Required and Bitrate for the original and this latest content?


          If you take the very same Timeline content, can you burn that to folder without issues?


          Have you moved around any of the source media that went into the project before you made those additions?