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    Audio out of sync from Webcam Footage


      Hi Guys


      I am quite new to premier, but not a complete newbie. I am starting to edit alot of blog videos. And the webcam they come from is an "Logitech C920"


      I shoot them at 1920x1080 - medium quality.


      I open up a new project in premier and just choose whatever preset seems to fit, which is DV PAL 4800khz or something. If im failing somewhere, its probably here.


      I drag and drop the video into the sequence and it gives me an error that the video is different from the sequence and do i want to change the sequence to match, which i click YES too.


      Now the audio in the preview is out of sync. I cant seem to get it into place either... even though that would be a work around.


      The RAW file is 100% in sync... so its something to do with premier.


      Can anyone help? If its of any use, some of the properties of the video are:

      Video bitrate: 4102 kbps

      Frame per sec: 16

      Audio bitrate: 99kbps

      Audio Sample rate: 48khz