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    How do you handle images in a long, often-updated document?


      I've been trying to figure out a reasonable workflow for a while now and I've reached the limit of my creativity in coming up with a solution. I thought people here might be able to share their processes so I can get an idea of how to lay out this document.


      I'm writing an owner's manual. The manual itself is a book file, with each chapter a separate document. Text flows in a single story throughout each chapter. Each page has a single text frame, and they're threaded together.


      I need to have quite a few photos, illustrations, etc., referenced in the text. Currently these are anchored images, which I use the "custom anchor" feature to arrange around the page. Generally that means aligning them to the right edge of the frame, maybe a pica below the baseline of the anchor marker. The text wraps around these figures and generally looks nice and clean.


      The problem comes when I need to insert information earlier in a chapter, say to update a description or add additional information when we release a new product. As the text reflows, anchored images later in the document tend to fall off the bottom of the page.


      I set "keep within top/bottom column boundaries", but of course because text wrap for anchored objects cannot affect text above the anchor itself, the images often end up set over text.


      Considering that this document is over a hundred pages long, with many figures throughout, it's not reasonable to unanchor and manually re-arrange each figure every time a change is made. There must be something I'm missing here!


      How do you handle it?