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    Packaged ColdFusion 9 Datasources not importing to ColdFusion 10 64-bit on another computer

    jfejsa Level 1

      I installed ColdFusion 10 64-bit on my I new 64-bit work computer. To save time and effort; l decide to use Packaging & Deployment option on ColdFusion 9 32-bit on my old computer to archive all my data sources and deploy on the new server. I selected all the Datasources I wanted to archive (26 of them) without selecting any other settings. The archive file was successfully created and I built the backup file 'C:/Projects/ColdFusion/ColdFusionBak24May2013.car' to copy to my machine. Created achieve file is visible in ColdFusion Archives on my old computer, I can modify it and I deploy it on my old computer but nothing happens when I copy ColdFusionBak24May2013.car file to my new computer and try to deploy it there using ColdFusion 10 64-bit.


      Everything seems to work fine with selecting the file but when I click Deploy Achieve; the process goes through the motion but none of the data sources are added to ColdFusion 10 on the new computer.


      Am I doing something wrong or doesn't ColdFusion 9 (32-bit) Achieve file work on ColdFusion 10 (64-bit)?


      PS: XML file called neo-datasource.xml is located in ColdFusion10\cfusion\lib directory listing all datasources. Would it work if I merge neo-datasource.xml file on my new computer with the one on my old computer instead or not? 


      Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you.