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    loadVars.send and SendAndLoad problems with php

    GregConnTelevirtual Level 1

      My flash program needs to send some variable to a php file which uses it to output an xml file. I'm using LoadVars.send but i'd like to use loadVars.sendAndLoad as i really dont want the browser window to open at all as i need these things to happen in the background. The php file creates an xml and then lauches an exe which uses the xml. I'm having a couple of problems,
      1. when i use send the swf seems to have to be on a different machine to the php and where the xml is created or for some reason the php doesnt receive the variables,
      2. i have to use $GET in the php and not $POST - not a major problem but i'd like to know why
      3. sendAndLoad just doesnt work at all.

      the code is as follows

      thanks Greg