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    CC Light Rays From Camera Perspective?


      Hey guys, This may be a newb question but i cant seem to find anything on it. I have been messign with CC Lightrays in After Effects 5.5 and im using it by adding keyframes to lower and up the intensity back and fourth to make it look like the light is moving. My question is though, How can i get it so that the source of the rays is off screen yet fills the screen with its rays? Because the more you drag the source light off screen, the more it makes a cone chape of light. Also, i wanted to know how i can make the rays coming at me when im facing the camera. I have a shot where im looking at the camer and i want it to look like im looking into the light rays and im also surrounded by it. Like im in a beam. Any help qould be great.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          You can't get "off screen" rays - there would be no pixels that generate them. You really have to use larger layers/ pre-comps. Similarly, rays coming at the camera would merely be an illusion by cutting your contour "shadow" from another shape that generates the rays, but that shape would have to extend beyond the contour to actualyl be visible...



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            joeyhathorne Level 1

            Thanks for the response Mylenium. I realize that the rays have to pull from a source but you lost me on the rest. Im sur eyour knowledge on AE is way beyond mine. I guess ill have to just keep trying things till i get the desired effect. I tried putting the rays effect behind my actor but as i changed the intensity, you could tell the light was flowing from behind and not at the actor so im still just messing around with it. Unless you have any tips in laymen's terms? =P

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              andi_urra Level 1

              Hi Joey, what Mylenium referred to was Precomposing: Have a look at the screeshot. Supposed you have the object that is the source for the light rays on the "Your Object" layer and the CC Light Rays effect on an adjustment layer above. Then select both layers, right click and choose "Pre-compose" (Move all attributes). This results in a new composition, in form of a single layer, that took the place of the old ones. This new layer can be scaled up so that the source of the rays move outside the screen while still shining into the picture.

              Light Rays.jpg