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    Cannot change cross dissolve alignment! (grayed out)

    wondtacular Level 1

      I'm a refugee from FCP7, where to change a cross dissolve you right-clicked and adjudted the alignment. Now I understand you have to go into the effect controls panel to edit a transition. Fine.


      But when I go in to edit my simple cross dissolve, the "alignment" option is grayed out!


      It seems that cross dissolves at the end of clips can ONLY end at the cut, and dissolves at the beginning of clips can only start at the cut. I've tried dragging the transition from the effects panel too -- only allows it to be an end-at-cut alignment. WTF?


      On my top layer, I have a clip that ends with the end of the speaker's sentence. I don't want to fade into the next clip (which is on the track below -- another camera angle) AS she finishes her sentence. I want to fade during the pause after her last word. In FCP, I'd just add a cross dissolve to the end of the top clip and then change the alignment to "start at edit" in order to achieve this.


      WHY can't I do the same here in Premiere?


      It seems I am going to have to manually go in and and extend the length of the clip exactly the same # of frames as my cross fade and then apply an "end on cut" transition because that's the only transition available to add to the end of the clip.


      That would be nightmarish. You should be able to adjust the alignment of a transition eno matter where it occurs.


      Is it really the case that you can't change the alignment of a transition that comes at the end of / beginning of a clip?