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    Tag & folder tree structure problems

    The Old Fart Level 1

      I have been looking at folder locations in PSE 10 & find for some have  a very strange file structure & I'm struggling how to know where to start to fix problem.  I have also looking at the same structure using Windows Explorer (I'm running Windows 7 64 bit). 


      The confusion occurs in part because I'm uncertain if I'm looking at the actual file with the picture or just another copy with the same name that appears to be just shortcuts.  This version of Windows which uses Libraries isn't making it easier.


      If I go to The Windows explorer tree I see 'Pictures' & a sub folder called 'My Pictures'.  Click on 'My Pictures' & the first file you see is 'Adobe' & inside it folders for Places,People & events which I created in the first place.


      Much further down Explorers tree I can see 'My Pictures' listed again & down from It I can see most but not all of the sub folders that I saw before.


      Can I just have one tree in PSE's folder structure & how do I achieve this? 


      I have tried dragging what appears to be duplicated folder onto another but that doesn't work.  I have even chosen a small folder deleted it just to see if the other folder remains further down the tree but when I do both disappear & I was able to restore from recycle bin.


      To make matters worse I can see part way down the Explorer tree a folder named Catalog which appears to be connected to some previous catalog perhaps.  It also have a file called Waldo Data but I have no idea as to what this is.


      When I open the Organizer in PSE 10 & look to the right I can see tags for People,Places & Events.


      These tag thumbnails appear to be in just alphabetical order & not the old structure that I once had.  Most tags by far are listed as being imported.(perhaps from previous upgrades that went wrong)?


      Can I now alter the Tag Tree some way & if so how is it done?


      Just last week I purchased & installed Version 11 of program but haven't allowed the program to import since to do so might make matters worse.   I doubt that to do so at this time would improve things.  Is this so?


      Since I suspect that all tags, Exif data etc, is still perhaps embedded in the pictures no matter where the folders really are I was wondering what would happen if I just turned version 11 loose to find all pictures for a new catalogue,anywhere on the computer. 


      Can I be assured that it can read all of the old tags & data? If all I end up is an unsorted tag tree would I be able to apply a tree structure to the list of tags?


      Any help in finding a way to sort out this mess will be much apprecieated.