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    Ai file un-editable with a weird transparency over all my work. Please help to fix.


      I was working on my illustrator file and I dont know what happened but when doing a simple copy paste command, majority of my work is now un-editable, non clickable and just flattened with a half transparency over it. Theres a couple things i can still edit but the rest is use less. I thought maybe somehow they are all locked, nope. I've checked locked selection, grouping, setting and even placed the file into a new document and i can click on them but its group an merged all my seperate selections and layers. I've tried saving as a pdf & eps and re-opening - no luck. I have an old back file but theres still a substantial amount of work missing and I'd really like not to have to go through it all again.


      As fas as I'm aware i didnt click or did a random command, I was simply working away as I normally do.

      Any help will be greatly appreciated. Please & Thank-you