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    Webfonts...needing account Typekit

    carta mundi Level 1

      Hello...i having a problem with using fonts from the webfonts...i'd like the idea to using web fonts in stead of variable fonts or making .png's of my headers..



      But the fonts aren't working...and showing me an example made by standard fonts..instead of the bold or curly fonts i've selected..


      When i was searching on the forum, i saw an answer refering to typekit-editor...is this maybe also my problem? and do i have to make an account on Typekit?


      grt marcel


      ps. is it also possible to get an email alert when i receive an answer on my questions in this forum?

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          elainecc Adobe Employee

          Hi, Marcel-


          You can subscribe by looking at the gray bar on the right side of the forum.  There should be a selection called "Receive email notifications."


          As for your question, there are a number of font services we support, including Google Web Fonts and Edge Web Fonts.  If you pop open the fonts dialog, you can see the web fonts selectable there.  Typekit is a paid service, so use it if you like the fonts, but it's not required to get web fonts working on your Animate compositions.