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    Distortion added when opening certain JPG files, why?


      When opening certain JPG images in Photoshop, they look different (worse) than when opened in any other application. They get some kind of additional distortion/artifacts.


      If you look closely at the right side of the following screenshot, you will notice that the edges between the color areas are kinda jagged (less smooth) in comparison to the left one.

      When zooming in, it appears that every second pixel line at the borders of the red areas is distorted in horizontal direction:


      left side: image opened with JPEGView, Windows Photo Viewer, Google Chrome or PaintShop Pro X5

      right side: image opened with Photoshop CS6 (also tested on an old CS4 version - same result)


      The image retains those distortions when saved from Photoshop. No matter if saved lossless (PNG) or not (JPG).

      However, when opening the image with an image viewer (i.e. JPEGView), taking a screenshot and pasting it into Photoshop, there are no such artifacts. Even when then saved as JPG and reopened, there is still no distortion.


      Therefore the issue must be related to the format the original files are saved in. According to the metadata stored within the JPG the image was edited with "Adobe Lightroom".


      You can find the image in question here: http://farm5.staticflickr.com/4153/4998481702_82cd4a77be_o.jpg

      (it happens to other related images from this photostream too)


      Can anyone shed light on what's happening here?