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    Flash Builder 4.7 interrupts while working

    Marko Pelovic

      Hi all.

      First, I expect more from Flash Builder 4.7 (x64) - to work much faster instead of FB 4.6, but It seems that it's not like that.

      Probably FB 4.6 and FB 4.7 works same in some way, but I like the fact that I can make a release build for iOS on my x64 Windows machine.

      (which wasn't possible to make release build of big project, with FB 4.6 installed on x64 Windows)


      However, my concern now is that FB 4.7 works great, but after some period of working FB 4.7 begin to interrupts. It is not freezing completly, but it interrupts on each (for example) 5 sec.

      This is happening all the time when I open and close big .mxml and .as files (with big, I mean files that contains 2000 lines of code).

      My scenario is... I found something wrong in UI or AS, then I need to open that "big" file, do the changes on 2-3 lines, and save it.

      I also need to do that on next 20 "big" files.


      I know that "Build Automatically" is causing this, but I need to know if there are some other optios where I can increase workflow for FB 4.7... maybe using more RAM or so...

      I have i5 3.2 GHz processor with 16 GB of RAM... so I have open only FB 4.7 and Firefox when I work (and my memory is clean).


      Thank you all for your investigation on this.