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    Regarding the product info imported from hybris to AEM


      I manage to import the catalog from hybris to AEM. The products present in hybris got imported to /etc/ folder in AEM.


      For a particular product , only basic information such as name,description,catagories have got imported to JCR. I happen to run AEM in debug mode during the import. From the logs I happen to see the following information is been provided by hybris to AEM for a particular product.





      <name>X10 Mini</name>


      <description>One-hand mini Android phoneBusy</description>


      <summary>&lt;strong class="description-headline">One-hand ....</summary>

      <manufacturer>Sony Ericsson</manufacturer>












         <altText>X10 Mini</altText>






         <altText>X10 Mini</altText>






         <altText>X10 Mini</altText>













      <baseOptions />



      I found in DefaultResponseParse.java that it is parsing only few tags responded by hybris. For example , the manufacture data comming from the above response XML is not parsed in this java file. Also even though price is parsed in this java code, it is not present in the JCR.


      (a) How to make the price information available in JCR from the XML response provided by hybris


      (b) Am I right to say that the above shown XML is actual response from hybris and if I want to get more information ( attributes etc) on a product in the XML returned by hybris, I need to make changes in the hybris level.