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    Mimetypes in Adobe Indesign


      Hi guys,

      I have a question about Adobe Indesign and its mimetypes.


      If I copy some formatted test from MS Word or LibreOffice and paste it on a textfragment in Indesign, the formatted text is pasted correctly.

      I found out, that Indesign doesn't accept text/html or text/rtf. There is a different mimetype. I read out the clipboard via c++, but obviously the c++ framework is not able to show the mimetype and especially to show the mimedata.

      I want to paste formatted text from a custom application in Indesign(richtext and html aren't accepted) and out of this reason I want to see the mimetype and the mimedata(xml?), which is transmitted between indesign copy/paste-operations or word/indesign copy/paste-operations.


      Maybe somebody can help me. I want to see the transmitted data.


      thank you