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    Macbook Retina 13"- slow drawing?


      Photoshop CS6 Extended 13.0.4 x64

      Macbook Pro Retina 13", Intel HD Graphics 4000, Mac OSX 10.8.3


      Hello, I installed Photoshop on my brand new Macbook and was surprised at how slow it was with retouching/drawing - eg signing my name with a paintbrush is laggy.


      I looked into the performance settings, and the only way to fix it seems to be switching the drawing mode from the default of Advanced to Basic, but I understand this isn't desirable as it ties up the CPU rather than utilising the more optimised/efficient graphics card.


      I wondered if this is normal or do I maybe have an issue that needs fixing?



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Sorry to shatter your illusions, but there's nothing optimised or efficient about intel graphics chips. They are at the lower end of the performance scale. Turning off OpenGL/ OpenCL is the way to go. Perhaps Apple may improve this one day by integrating better graphics drivers, but even then the facts stick - a toaster doesn't turn into a space rocket just by using different sandwich bread.



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            janelle_f Adobe Employee

            Hello there!

            Since this is a forum for beginners who want to learn Photoshop, im moving your questions to a forum where you can get the assistance you need.



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              rhomulus Level 1

              I appreciate your underlying point, but swirling a paintbrush around is hardly a voyage to the moon.


              Intel Graphics set to Advanced Drawing mode manage this basic task fine on my old standard-res machine, and they zip along with equal immediacy if I run Photoshop in "low-resolution mode" on the Retina


              The question is why do I see such a lag in retina mode?


              The obvious answer is because we are at 4 times the resolution, but if I enable the full-blown native resolution of my retina display in the OS (with QuickRes tool), Photoshop now occupies 1/4 of the screen and is essentially rendering like a non-retina Macbook.....but the lag is still there.


              I just wanted to know first and foremost whether this is what other 13" Retina users experience or if I had an issue with my machine or configuration. Thanks.