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    Elements 11


      I downloaded Elements 11 and am very disappointed.  I was very comfortable using Elements 10, and having over 11,000 pictures organized I used it very frequently.  I may be over 79 years old, but can usually adapt to new programs. I also usually buy new editions of programs and have used Adobe Photoshop for years, upgrading every time there is a new update.  However,  Elements 11 is just too different from Elements 10 which wasn't made very clear.  It appears to be an entirely new program with no carryover from Elements 10. 


      I am asking if it is possible to return Elements 11 (purchased as a dowload program).   I would use my refund to find a local expert on Photoshop as there are pictures somewhere on my hard drive that I don't seem to be able to access from Photoshop that I would like to have included.  I survived Stage 4 colon cancer and after 18 months of the effects of surgery/chemo I am ready to resume my work with Elements 10.  I have pictures from as far back as the the Spanish-American War and I need to start sharing these pictures with my family.  I am just not young enough to completely learn a new program from scratch and was very satisfied with Elements 10.


      Thank you for your assistance---

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          Barbara B. Level 7

          I'm sorry you're having so many problems, Deke56. Unfortunately, this is the user to user forum, and we're all other customers like you, so we can't do anything about a return. You would need to contact adobe directly.