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    Audio Issues when scrubbing in Adobe Pr 6.0.2 via ScreenSharing


      Hello everyone,


      I'm trying to use sceensharing apps to allow me to edit in Adobe Pr CS6 yet despite a variety of attempts and many many hours of fiddling I haven't gotten any audio to output when scrubbing.  I've tried a variety of Screen Sharing apps - my preferred one being SplashTop.  They all seem to do something along the lines of installing a virtual audio device like Soundflower.  This works great for sound output pretty much everwhere except when scrubbing within Adobe Premiere.  For example even playing files from the media browser in Premiere works, so its specifically isolated to playback of a timeline.


      System info:

      • Mac OS X 10.7.5
      • MacPro Mid 2010 built in Audio and Video hardware
      • Adobe Premiere 6.0.2
      • Soundflower v 1.6.6  (tried other revisions without any difference)



      Here's what I've tried:

      • Set the Audio Hardware Preference to -> Default Device:  Soundflower (2ch), buffersize 2048 (and then matched the buffer in the Soundflower settings) == Playback works great when playing the media files, just not when scrubbing
      • Played with the settings in the Playback Prefefences switching from Adobe Desktop Audio to Adobe DV = no difference  (don't have any other plugins)
      • Trying a variety of settings in the Apple Audio Midi Settings without any difference
      • Opened up Quicktime Pro Audio Recording with the Soundflower Audio as the input to see if there is any audio levels being detected = nothing detected when scrubbing



      I'm not totally familar with all the settings within Pr, so perhaps there is something I'm missing?


      Or maybe I'm going about this in the wrong way and there is a better alternative then using screensharing via Splashtop?  Really looking to avoid putting things on a USB drive and copying stuff back and forth.  :-)


      Any help is greatly appreciated!