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    Best format to export to Encore for a Blu-Ray disc ?

    rperry jr

      To All

      My question is I shoot with a Canon Vixia HFR21. I am putting together a family vacation we all just had at Disney World. My computer is capable of handling everything very well.I had it built 2 years ago by ADK.I need to know once I have everything set on timeline and all is ready to export, what exact setting in Media Encoder would be best considering I will be bringing it then into Encore to burn on Blu ray disc.

      I have Adobe cs6 Premiere and Encore.

      Also after I make the Blu ray I will put exact same time line on regular dvd..from what I read for that I think I should export to mpeg-2 ..I'm not sure .

      Also for both blue ray and dvd, which is better ipcm or dolby digital audio ?

      Thanks a lot,

      Ray Perry

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          SAFEHARBOR11 Most Valuable Participant

          Hi Ray,


          From Premiere, export via AME and choose the "H.264 Blu-ray" format, and then for preset, get what best matches your footage, for instance maybe 1080i 29.97


          You will need to choose a bitrate in line with the length of the program so that you don't exceed the disc capacity. Just search the web for "bitrate calculator" and plug in your details. No need to be in the 30-40 range, something like 25 using H.264 will look fantastic. I believe at "20" you can fit well over 2 hours on a Blu-ray disc. Dolby audio is the default.


          For DVD, again Export via AME but choose "MPEG-2 DVD" and proper preset like "NTSC Widescreen", and set bit rate. Don't exceed 7 or 8 on that, and you can use 560/minutes=rate as a rule of thumb and round down slightly. For instance 560/120=4.66 so I encode at 4.5, again using default Dolby Audio.


          I'm not keen on sharing the same Encore project for the Blu-ray and DVD, but that's up to you. Note that you can add DVD chapter marks in your Premiere timeline and when you export, those go with. In Encore, use "Import As > Timeline" and grab the audio and video clip at the same time and the chapter marks come along for the ride!




          Jeff Pulera

          Safe Harbor Computers

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            rperry jr Level 1


            Thank You very much.YUou explained it so even I could understand it.Ity's a great help to me