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    Crashing all the time


      I am relatively new to the adobe video tools. (PPro, AEffects, Media Encoder, Encore) I migrated from Final Cut Pro about 4 months ago.


      As long as I am doing "light" simple edits, Premier is ok. But my workload demands more than the light simple edits. I expect professional performance, and I am not getting that.


      On an average day, I am editing a project in PPro, while compressing another in Media Encoder. I also burn DVDs with Encore and use after effects every day.


      Software crashes have become part of my (almost daily) routine. This is unacceptable. It's killing my productivity.


      I have done a fresh OS install and all software install from the ground up. Still random crashes of Ppro and Media encoder.


      I've resorted to using one software at a time, but then I'm cutting my productivity by at least half. To me, the idea is that you can be editing a show in Ppro, while exporting another one in Media Encoder.


      Just as I write this post, Media Encoder crashed on a very simple export. (a 5 minute timeline from ppro). The only softwares that I have open right now are Ppro, media encoder and firefox.


      Is this what I should expect if I make my whole post house a Premier pro house?


      Or should I spend the money and go to avid?


      MacPro mid 2012

      OS 10.8.2

      2x2.4 Ghz 6 core Xeon

      32GB memory

      4TB internal RAID 6


      Adobe CS6 Creative cloud (latest updates)



      My final cut station used to, MAYBE, crash once every 2 or 3 months under the same workload and after effects running in the back, while burning a DVD and editing in FCP and even photoshop and a couple other software running. (firefox, calculator, ichat)