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    Unable to install Adobe Flash Player 11.7


      Macbook Pro 15"

      Core i7

      8gb Ram

      OS 10.7.5


      I have had a problem where opening a flash video on a website such as Youtube, Hulu or a TV network site would intermittently show the video without audio. Ocassionally the video will run with audio the first time, but in the event the video does not have audio, I have to drag the playhead on the video back to the beginning to restart the video and audio will start. Extremely frustrating. In efforts to fix this, I uninstalled the current Adobe Flash that I had and tried updating to the latest, 11.7. The installer got almost to the end and said "General installation error" and now I have no flash whatsoever. I've done this a few times and usually solve my own issues, but this one has me stumped.