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      Puzzler for you...recently I have had visits from some  suspicious bots - well, one is a SYNAPSE user agent, the other bingbot (which is not that suspicious).  However, they have both been entering crawling URLs with three dots (such as .../index.cfm).  I"ve looked through the source as well as the diplayed code, and it does not seem to be coming from me...almost as if a longer URL is being abbreviated somewhere and then treated as a true URL...and out of the tens of thousands of visits a day, I only get a handful of these errors, from random parts of the site.


      Anyway, on my test server, this URL errror generates a 404 error; on the production server it generates a ColdFusion error (string index out of range: -1).  Not a problem but annoying. Any ideas on what settings could be different in the two servers to generate the different result?  In theory the test and production servers are identical. 


      Obviously I could put something in Application.cfm, but that feels like a workaround....




      (CF9 on Windows Server 2008)