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    'Best Bang for Buck' workstation build - recommendations?


      Hi everyone.


      After the summer, I am going to build a editing workstation - with some gaming intended, too.

      I am at the stage of deciding on hardware configurations for this build, so I though I'd consult the smart folk, of Adobe forums :-)


      My budget is £1300/$2000 with all peripherals included.

      Right now, I am looking at the following hardware config.:


      Asus P8Z77-V LX
      i7 3770k
      EVGA GTX 680 2GB
      Kingston HyperX Blue 16gb 2x8gb
      Corsair Gaming Series 2013 800W PSU
      Seagate 1TB Barraucda SATA III 7200RPM
      Corsair H60i*

      *because of the case, which I already got as a gift, I can only have a 120mm radiator - shame.


      Is this enough for Premiere, AE, Davinci Resolve, the odd game?  From what I've read online, I think it is. Only thing I'd run into trouble with is the hard drive, right? Should I get a worse processor, say the i7 2600k, and get a SSD, to imrpove the OS' speed?

      It'd be great if you could advise me on better hardware configurations or better bang for my buck.