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    Please help with a track matte

    digifruitella Level 1

      track matte.png


      I'm trying to get the text box to fill with a black solid from within it but also for the solid to begin filling in from the white outlines and not from a center.


      The way it looks is that the white outlines are animated first, making the square - then, the black solid fills in the box going inward towards the dead center.


      As you can see I've created the black fill and the mask - and theoretically I know that I would have to simply animate the matte from 100 to 0, thinking that the black solid would begin filling the box the way I want it to, but it's not working. And I'm new to track mattes, and stuck with this problem. Could anyone explain what I'm doing wrong, please?


      Also disregard the entire black background, this whole thing is going over footage, so all one sees is the outlines animating and the text box. Hope that clears it up.