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    Yahoo form tag woes.


      Good day all;

      I was wondering whether someone that uses yahoo as their host for small businesses could help me. I'm trying to attach a tag to my form and test it by using their said method that is not working. I built the entire site on Dreamweaver and am now merely looking for way to connect the two form on the site to an e mail address. Here is their method that doesn't work:


      To fix your confirmation page:

      1. Open your form page for editing in HTML.
      2. Look for a line near the top of the page code that looks like this:
        <form method=post action="http://us.x.px.webhosting.yahoo.com/forms?login=YourYahooID">
      3. To that line, before the quotation mark and > symbol, add the following:
        Instead of yourpage.html, type the path to your custom confirmation page. For example, if your confirmation page is located at confirmation.html, you'd change the code to:
        <form method=post action="http://us.x.px.webhosting.yahoo.com/forms?login=YourYahooID&confirm=confirmation.html">
      4. Save your changes.